2014. december 21., vasárnap


Sheinside dress (now on sale!) / Marco boots / Topshop headband

I love making contrasts, and this outfit with the background is the perfect combination for me. 

I think a black dress is such a versatile piece for every women's wardrobe, it really is worth it to get at least 2-3, in different cuts and shapes. How do you like this long one?

2014. december 20., szombat

More choices

ASOS dress / Vintage fur / ASOS jeans and shoes / Parfois bag

This red top is actually a dress, but I love nothing more than when you can use an item multiple ways. I think it works well just casually for the daytime, but thinking about wearing it for Christmas, just because it's red (such cliché, I know.) 

Also, didn't think i could be using my flatforms this year again, but here we are, mid December, rocking these babies. I just love them so much. 

2014. december 18., csütörtök

Time to shop

USE UNUSED coatshirtskirt and bag

This is the perfect time for me to write the last USE UNUSED collab post, mainly because.. Everything I'm wearing is on sale! So if you fancy anything and everything from USE UNUSED, now is the time to go and hit the racks! 

2014. december 17., szerda

Paleo linzer

Rég volt már süti recept a blogon, és így karácsony közeledtével bizony kísérletezem rengeteg egészséges édességgel. Ez a linzer recept eredetileg INNEN származik, de nekem jóval több liszttel állt össze csak a tészta.

Keverjünk össze habosra:

 2 tojást +  2 tojás sárgát
20 g kókuszolajat
2 tk mézet
2 tk fahéjat.

Ehhez mehet a lisztkeverék:

Kb 40 g tápióka keményítő
60 g gesztenyeliszt
90 g mandulaliszt

Ezek tényleg körülbelüli mennyiségek, ahogy gyúrjátok a tésztát, úgyis látni fogjátok mennyi lisztet vesz fel pontosan. Ha borzasztóan ragadós, akkor mehet még bele több mandula vagy hajdina liszt esetleg! 

Kinyújtani én két sütőpapír között szoktam, utána lehet szaggatni és 180 fokon 10 perc alatt készre sütni, cukormentes lekvárral ragasztgatni!

Nagyon finom, és büntetlenül lehet élvezni! :)

2014. december 16., kedd

Holiday dresses

Most kaptam észbe, hogy az ünnepi szezonra jó lenne egy-két csinosabb ruha, úgyhogy a jól bevált Sheinside oldalon körülnéztem, mit is kínálnak. Express shippinggel még ideér, legalábbis nagyon remélem :)

Íme az én Wishlistem!

2014. december 14., vasárnap


It is almost a tradition, that every fall my dad, brother and I go on a little family vacay, usually to somewhere where there's a football match happening.. Last year it was Milan, this year, the amazing Barcelona. 

I have never been to Spain, so this trip was a totally new experience for me. I wanted to see everything of course, and we had time for a lot, but we did not want to be in a rush every day. It was a week of long sleeps and quality time together. 

Barcelona totally blew my mind, it truly is as amazing as everybody says. The streets, the architecture, the people, the atmosphere- all is to die for! Everywhere you look there's something to see, I had such a hard time to limit the photos I show you.. :)

I can't not mention the shopping.. Holy moly.. I could not contain my excitement when i saw the COS and & Other Stories shops... The latter became my favorite store, I think I could dress head to toe in those things, all day every day! Such a shame that they don't ship to Hungary! :(

The one thing that stood out for me is without a doubt the Sagrada Familia. It was the shock of my life, how beautiful and unique it is, inside and outside as well. This church definitely should be on everybody's bucket list. 

All in all, I loved spending time in Barcelona, I hope you like the pictures! Let me know what are your thoughts, have you ever been?

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