2015. június 13., szombat

Too hot

Tobi top / Sheinside pants / Zara shoes

Végre túl vagyok az utolsó vizsgámon is, el sem hiszem, hogy ez is eljött.. Idén húzós volt ez az időszak, rengeteg vizsgám volt, néha azt sem tudtam egyáltalán mire tanuljak.. Szeptembertől meg vár a szakdolgozat, hurrá! :D

Remélem jól vagytok ebben a nagy melegben, kedves olvasóim, én őszintén bevallom picit nehezen bírom, januári gyerekként ezt a 35 fokot nem igazán tudom hova tenni! 

Új posttal a jövő héten is érkezem! :)

I am finally done with all my exams, I can't even believe it.. This semester was a biatch, i never had this many exams at once, but nonetheless it's over! 

The weather in Hungary is blazing hot, sometimes I just can't cope, and stay in my air-conditioned room.. Talk about summer loving! :D I do love a bit of hotness, when its accompanied by the sea....One can dream! :)

New post will be coming next week!

2015. május 11., hétfő


ÁERON dress 

It is a biatch to shoot black items, and I fail to realize that every single time. Well, I still wanted to show you my beautiful new Áeron dress. I simply love the suede material, and the little fringes on the side. This year I really started to appreciate hungarian designers, I think their work is remarkable, and beats the high street shops.

2015. május 7., csütörtök


HRVT top / Topshop jeans / Zara shoes

Since it was Mother's Day last Sunday, I decided to dress up a bit for the occasion, so of course we had to shoot the outfit. 

Hope you like it!

PS: I am aware of the swear word on the door, but i can't help but love that goddamn door..

2015. május 2., szombat


Zara top / Topshop jeans / Opening Ceremony shoes

I came to the realization that I am addicted to ruined buildings. Whenever we want to shoot an outfit, and go scout for a location I always find myself stopping in front of these beautiful walls. Wait till you see the next outfit, the background is even better than this one! :)

2015. április 30., csütörtök

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nagyon finom, nagyon gyors paleo csokis süti! Egy pohár mandula tejjel tökéletes délutáni snack. :)


3 cup mandulaliszt
1/2 cup olvasztott kókuszolaj
1/2 cup méz
2 tojás
1 tk szódabikarbóna
1 tk vanília kivonat
darabolt étcsokoládé

A sütőt melegítsd elő 190 fokra. A száraz hozzávalókat egy nagy tálba keverd össze- a nedveseket pedig egy másikba. Mikor mind a kettő összeállt öntsd egybe őket, és keverd csomómentesre. A legvégén jöhet a csoki!

Sütőpapírral bélelt tepsire nagykanálnyi adagot rakj ki, és kb 13 percig süsd 190 fokon. Ha már szép barna, akkor kész is van!

Mindenképp hagyni kell kihűlni a tepsibe, különben össze fog törni mikor próbálod kiszedni (próbáltam, nem ajánlom!)

Jó sütögetést! :)

2015. április 26., vasárnap

Layered and Long

I wanted to share with you my new favorite pieces of jewelry - my gorgeous necklaces. I have wanted a layered necklace for months now, but didn't find quite the right one, until i stumbled upon the Layered and Long Etsy shop! Wow, the pieces they have there. I was impressed at first and second, but the real "shock" was when my order came! 

High quality, beautiful necklaces, individually packed so they won't tangle, with a little note for each and every one of them. Adorable! 

I highly recommend taking a look at their Etsy shop, because it is rare to find such beautiful pieces that go hand in hand with an affordable price tag!

To get 10% off use the code FASHIONCURE10  at the checkout! :)

2015. április 24., péntek

Spring favorites

I thought today I would share my current favorite things with you. I don't often do these kinda posts, but nowadays I have been obsessed with the followings:

Jo Malone Peony and Blush cologne - Oh My. When I visited Abu Dhabi last month, I had the pleasure to take a peek at a Jo Malone store, and there was no going back, let me tell you.. Those fragrances are the best of the best, and even better, you can mix and match 'em. Basically, with mixing scents you can easily create a fragrance that is 100% you! How amazing?! For now, I have settled on the Peony and Blush cologne, which is a gorgeous springy-flowery scent.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer - This little pot contains the most amazing highlight, ever. I adore a nice flush on the cheeks, and this thing just brings me what I would expect. RMS is a natural brand, I am currently using their Coconut Cream as well, and I am very impressed. Highly recommend trying out something from them!

The base by Lara Bingle, LB cream - When the aussie beauty brought out her make up and tanning line, I knew I had to get my hands on something. She is always glowing and gorgeously tanned, and so I want to be as well. This LB cream is basically a beautiful BB cream, it covers only so little, but gives you a healthy glow! Really love it for the warmer days.

The Luxury Alchemist by Ketty Pucci-Sisti Maisonrouge - Never judge a book by it's cover they say - Well if you happened to, judge this book by it. The cover itself totally sold me, but what's inside is crazy good. The author has a knowledge miles long, and she is very-very impressive let me tell you. She talks about how to build a luxury brand from the start, with amazing examples of Chanel or J.Mendel. Definitely a must read if you are into fashion!

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